Where is Burma?

It is not easy to find Burma on a map or the globe, especially one that came after 1989. There is a straightforward explanation to that; there is no country named Burma since 1989.

So, where is Burma?

Burma is called Republic of the Union of Myanmar ever since 1989. Look for Myanmar on that map, and you might have some luck!

Burma or Myanmar is an Asian country. To pinpoint its location; it exists in Southeast Asia, neighboring India, Thailand, China, Bangladesh, and Laos. Its latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates are; 21.962 N, 95.9560 E.

Countries that border Burma:

•It shares its Northern border with India
•The Eastern border is with Laos
•It borders with Thailand in the South East
•It’s North Eastern borders are with China
•Bangladesh lies on its Western borders


Size of Burma

Burma is an almost kite-shaped country with its southern coast acting as the long tail. It is a vast country by the sheer area, the 40th largest in the world. That makes it larger than every country in Europe barring Russia and Ukraine.

It also is the largest country by area in the Indochina Peninsula that consists of Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, and Myanmar. It spans over 678,500 square kilometers.

The Burmese Landscape

A vast country, Burma is vastly diverse in its geography while harboring different kinds of flora and fauna.

•There are mountains covered in snow in the North, peaking as high as 5,870 meters.
•The central area is vast plainlands with the Rakhine Yoma hills looking over them.
•The western coastline is 1,200 miles long and is the location for some of the most exotic beaches in the world.
•The vast forests can be found near the Myanmar – Thailand border, the jungles being almost entirely inaccessible for all humans.
•The only thing remaining is desert, and while there are no deserts in Myanmar, it does have a desert-like plain in the Bagan area.

Facts about Burma

•If you know Myanmar by the name Burma, then you likely believe that Yangon (Rangoon) is its capital. If that is the case, then you’re wrong once again as the capital of Myanmar was officially changed from Yangon to Naypyidaw in 2005.
•Burma is famous for its gems. It is the largest exporter of Ruby in the world with about 90% of the world’s ruby found in the Burmese mountains.
•Despite being a reasonably large country, Myanmar houses a relatively low population at just around 51 million. It ranks 129th among the most densely populated countries in the world, a relatively small rank for the 40th largest country.
•Burma is not only famous for its gems but also for exporting opium. It is the second-largest exporter, only behind Afghanistan.
•Myanmar boasts one of the highest railway trestles at 355 feet in the world.
•Burma is a relatively unexplored tourist destination due to its strict regime. It’s only recently that the country has become more open to tourists, with several ATMs opening up.

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