Where is Myanmar?

Have you ever wondered where a Burmese cat or a Burmese python comes from? Yes, it is from Burma, or in other official names: Myanmar. But, where is Myanmar? What happens in this country?

Your answers will be given below, which may blow your mind.


Located in Southeast Asia, Myanmar borders on

● Thailand and Laos in the East

● Bangladesh and India in the West

● The Bay of Bengal and Amanda Sea in the South: About one-third of Myanmar’s total perimeter forms a coastline along the Bay of Bengal and Amanda Sea.

● China in the North and Northeast

With the total square of 676.578 km2, Myanmar is considered as the second biggest country after Indonesia.

The mountain chains divide Myanmar into 3 river systems, which are Sittaung, Salween, and Irrawaddy. The majority of Myanmar’s population live in the fertile plain, which locates between the mountain chains.



Because Myanmar lies between the Tropic of Cancer and the Equator, it locates in the monsoon area, where receives the large amount of rainfall.

Annually, Myanmar receives more than 5000 mm in coastal regions and nearly 2550 mm in the flat land. On the contrary, the amount of rainfall in the Dry Zone in central Myanmar is just under 1000 mm.

Due to the influence of Southwest monsoon, the weather in Myanmar tends to be cloudy, rainy, and wet from June to September.

However, the low temperature, being cloudy, and dry happen from December to April because of the Northeast monsoon. The high season for tourism in Myanmar is from November to February due to the pleasant weather.

Typical features in Myanmar’s tradition

● Official language: Burmese

● Traditional custom

Longchy (a type of sarong wrapped in the middle) for a man with traditional shirt Taipon, while women wear Tummy (similar to Lao and Thai dress).

Both men and women wear Lao slippers while dressing traditional custom.

● Make-up

Women use Thanaka (a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark) on their faces, necks, and hands to protect their skin from sunburn.

● Belt

To become beautiful women, a girl must have a waist belt from the age of five, then embroider 30 more belts. The small size of a girl’s waist is one of the important criteria for attracting men in here.

● Chewing betel nut

It is the most popular custom in Myanmar. People in here still chew betel nut, which makes their teeth become red.

● Pagoda

In a traditional village, the pagoda is the center of cultural life. Monks are revered and residents always kneel in front of them to show their respect. The maturity ceremony usually is hold in here.

The novitiate called Shinbyu is the ceremony to mark the maturity of a young boy. A girl also has an ear-piercing ceremony when they are adults.

● Festivals

Myanmar has a lot of festivals in a year, mainly focuses on March and April. The festivals in here are impressive by its unique and appealing.

The distinguish difference from other countries in the world is that people in celebrating the New Year Festival in April, which includes the water festival. People splash and pour water to others to wash all unlucky of the year before, and show their blessings, and best wishes,


I hope that the information that is provided above not only answer your question: Where is Myanmar but also extend your knowledge about this country.

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